Bet on Your Grades: Strange Ways to Make Money

If you’re in college, you know how hard it can be to find motivation to study. Enter, a website that lets you “bet” on your grades. Here’s how it works: You set a target grade for a single course, multiple courses, or a semester’s GPA and then you lay down money “betting” that you will hit that mark. If you make the grade, you get your money back plus an amount that Ultrinsic also puts in. If you don’t make the grade, you lose your money. Ultrinsic reviews your official transcript to validate your wins and losses, so you do have share a good bit of personal information and you can’t cheat.

While some people call this gamblin


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2 Responses to Bet on Your Grades: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. Kim says:

    Love your Strange Ways to make money series. Ultrinsic is pretty far out there! Amazing this doesn’t fall under gambling laws

  2. KiwiJo09 says:

    I tried to join, but they don’t currently have my university. But I love the idea. Extra incentive to study.

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