Using the Good Stuff

One of my biggest problems is that I tend to save things for a later time.

I buy books and think I’ll save them for a rainy day, sick day, or vacation. I buy or am given “treat foods” and I never seem to find an occasion worthy of eating them. I buy movies or games and find myself waiting for the perfect time to watch or play them. I never use my wedding china because I’m waiting for the perfect occasion.

The problem is, as we all know, that the perfect moment almost never comes. As a result, some things around my house go unused. Then I find myself in a mad “use it up marathon” where I swear to do nothing but read, watch, play, and eat all of these things


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2 Responses to Using the Good Stuff

  1. Joy says:

    I completely relate to this. I’ve definitely gotten better as the cure is to do just what you’re doing–use it and revel in the experience. Celebrate the moment, and the fact of the item. But yes, I’m fighting the urge all the time. I hate it when I hoard fruit! How nutty is that?

  2. Gail says:

    When I became disabled my whole attitude about life changed. I use what I have, I treat myself when I can afford it, etc. When you become chronically ill, you tend to learn to make the most of each day.

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