What Traveling While Broke Taught Me About Finance

When I was younger I traveled extensively on very little money. I still travel frequently, but these days I have a little more money and I prefer more comfortable experiences. (It’s just not as comfortable to sleep on the floor or in a tent as it was when I was twenty.) Some of the best travel experiences I ever had came from traveling on almost no money. At the time it’s just the way things were, but I now realize that I was really learning a lot of financial lessons. Here are my top ten:

That the rest of the world doesn’t live like we do: This is the biggest lesson I learned. When you travel, even if you stay in your own country, you are exposed to different ways of life.


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One Response to What Traveling While Broke Taught Me About Finance

  1. Tony says:

    To add something. It teaches you to appreciate what you do have. When you travel to those really poor countries, and see people who dream of your level of material wealth, it makes you stop and think..

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