Cheap Sources for Board Games

Board games are a great source of entertainment. Unlike movies or other types of entertainment that are one shot deals, games can be played over and over again. New games, however, are often not cheap. They may cost $20 or more. Some games are as high as $50. While a great game may be a good value at full price if you love it, these prices do not help if you want to amass a large library of games inexpensively. There are places, though, where you can find used or even new games at much lower prices.

Thrift stores: Thrift stores can be hit or miss for games. It just depends on what people have donated. Sometimes you can score games that have been used only once or twice (or never even opened)


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5 Responses to Cheap Sources for Board Games

  1. Max says:

    An excellent overview!

    I’ve found when searching through bootsales/garage sales and the like the best thing to keep an eye out for is the little Essen awrd badge that the best games tend to have.
    If I see that on a board game, I’ll buy it no matter what the box art looks like 😀

    One option which isn’t ideal (but does save you alot of cash) is buying all the suppliments at the same time. Theres a site where I ordered game of thrones and all its addons at once and save an absolute bomb! (didn’t feel like it at the time though lol).

    Trawling Ebay is the only other method I’ve had success with 😛

  2. Lyle says:

    Try Cheapass Games ( They design some fantastic games for low prices! The trick? They come in packets with no dice or tokens. Why buy dice with every game? And you can use coins for tokens. Or M&Ms. Be creative! One of their classic games is Kill Doctor Lucky. It’s like Clue in reverse!

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