Square Watermelons: How To Better Your Life

When it comes to bettering your life, one of the chief obstacles is breaking out of old habits. It’s often necessary to look at situations from different perspectives. While solutions may look daunting at first, many times the solutions are much easier than they first appear. I love the story of the square watermelon because I think it highlights a lot of the issues that we all struggle with when we are trying to improve our life:

The grocery stores in Japan were having a problem. Unlike their US counterparts, many grocery stores in Japan are much smaller and have far less space for product. One of the problems that Japanese grocery stores had were watermelons. Although they were very


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4 Responses to Square Watermelons: How To Better Your Life

  1. Mark Fuller says:

    That square watermelon is such a great idea, that is really a solution to the problem of more groceries’ spaces in Japan. Thank you for sharing your post! It was so thought-provoking.

  2. Colette Jaques says:

    Very true and helpful for myself and my customers. I will pass this on. Thank you. It is too easy to form habits and not look at things in a different perspective.

  3. Cons Clarke says:

    Here’s the next question? How smart are square watermelon seeds?

  4. mariposaman says:

    Square eggs?

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