A Reminder of What Matters

Normally I write about ways to save and make money. It’s a necessary part of life, particularly if you want to live responsibly and well. But today I am reminded that, while money may matter, it is far from the most important thing in life.

My area was hit by deadly tornadoes this week. The damage is mind bending. Houses are completely gone, cars are crushed, businesses are closed, and stuff is everywhere. People are picking up insulation and bits of debris that was carried from two counties away. I was fortunate. We suffered no major damage and all of my loved ones are safe. Some people that I know peripherally were injured or lost homes. As scary as the event was, it has served as a


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2 Responses to A Reminder of What Matters

  1. D Rich says:

    Thank you Jennifer for such a compelling article.

    I have not been hit by a tornado, been in a flood, had a fire destroy my home or a tsunami completely obliterate my entire community. I have endured the Recession of the 80’s and the Recession in this century. I have sold more of my earthly belongings just to pay for my mortgage. I am grateful I had things I could sell that had some value. I am grateful I have a mortgage. I have made budget cuts in ways not used since the Great Depression. I am a better person for having done so. While the impact of the recession has been devastating on millions of families including my own, I am grateful for what I do have that others have not from the above mentioned disasters.

    I am not totally sold on insurance as a priority to address such disasters, but do not deny that they are a good thing to have in place if you can afford them. Our grandparents didn’t have insurances for all the varying catastrophes, because they did not exist. They had family, neighbors, friends, church families, good Samaritans that have hearts of gold. I can barley afford insurance but I do. I have awesome family , neighbors, friends, church family and I try to be a good Samaritan to those less fortunate than myself.

    Be grateful with what you have been blessed. Protect your most important assets with humility for tomorrow they can all be gone. Embrace the living because they are the insurance you can afford through reciprocation and sharing your love.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Very good article! Amen! Alot of people will never understand that “things” dont matter and the “people” do! Well said! :)

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