Get Paid to Date: Strange Ways to Make Money

If you’ve ever wished that you could get paid to go out on a date, maybe you should sign up at What’s Your Price. This site matches “generous” users with “attractive” people (these are the site’s words, not mine). Generous users are those who are willing to pay for the date, while the attractive people are the ones who are getting paid. In other words you, the generous user, pay for the chance to go out with an attractive person. If you are the attractive person, you name the price you want for the date and pocket the cash after the date. For the “generous” people, the site claims to provide a large pool of “beautiful, gorgeous, ho


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8 Responses to Get Paid to Date: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. Melanie S says:


  2. Buck Weber says:

    Just because you can does not mean you should, huh? Amazing how many ways there are to make money, and equally, what some people will pay for.

  3. ross says:

    The site really says alot about certain types of men and women. People will do anything for money.

  4. Heather says:

    Prostitution should be legal in the states anyway and more wives and women should put a little effort into their appearances so their men dont resort to sites like that.
    I wouldnt use this site, it sounds danergous to me! However I see majority of women my age looks pretty bad and they should take some effort and time into keeping up with their appearances and I dont mean fake keeping up with the Jones’s stuff I mean exercising, eating healthy, maybe hit the spa for some treatments, get the baby belly tucked the saggy boobs lifted whatever.

  5. ThiNg says:


    Wow….just Wow.

    This is exactly what is wrong with women today, and why men can get what they want and be as shallow as they want. How about this? MAYBE men could get more MATURE as we age? Then we wouldn’t care about all those things you listed?

    Guys want to be endless immature teenagers. Women shouldn’t let them. Be proud of who you are, and if the guy leaves you for someone “more plastic looking” then come looking for guys like me. My wife is 8 years older than me, and more beautiful everyday we age together.

  6. Ian says:

    @ thing

    Good for you bro. I must say thought that I didnt spend a lot of time and money to lose 100 lbs to date a fatty. I want an attractive intelligent woman and if she lets herself go after we get married then poo on here. I would consider that being unfaithful and would divorce her. And guess what I am a youth minister. Looks are important to me and a girl that takes pride to take care of her body means that she has a high self worth.

  7. Catherine says:

    I can only think that this comment is a joke. Even so, shouldn’t it be removed as inappropriate?

    Actually, I’m inclined to say the same of the post. BAD taste.

  8. Dera says:

    Lol sounds fun and weird at the same time

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