How To File For A Tax Extension

If you are unable to complete and file your federal individual tax return by the April 18, 2001 deadline, you can request an extension of time to file. By filing for this extension, you will automatically be given until October 17, 2011 to submit your tax return to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

By filing an extension you are given an additional six months to complete and file your tax return. It’s important to note, however, that requesting an extension to file your tax return doesn’t give you an extension of time to pay any taxes that you may owe. Any amount that you will owe for your 2010 taxes must be paid by April 18, 2011.

In order to get a tax filing extension, you


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One Response to How To File For A Tax Extension

  1. Gail says:

    I have never understood the reason for giving the extension to file yet still telling the taxpayer they have to pay their taxes on time. If you are able to estimate your taxes, why can’t you just finish figuring your taxes out also. I know we could never be able to pay our taxes without having filled out all our forms.

    Tax season reminds me a of Christmas. We all know it is coming (and when) and yet people panic about either lack of money (Christmas) or time (taxes). The truly frugal thing to do is take time out weekly or monthly to save, file and keep track of taxable and deductible paperwork for taxes so that when the new year comes around you have what you need and getting your taxes done should be an easy process. Just like buying (or making) Christmas presents throughout the year so that you will be ready when the time comes.

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