Eat Less: Strange Ways to Save Money

When it comes to ways to save on food bills, there are sales, coupons, meal planning, loyalty cards, and eating leftovers. You can also stop eating out and brown bag your lunches. But the best (and least used) way to save money on food is to simply eat less. Why is this strange? Because no one seems to think of it. People complain that their food costs are out of control and they go crazy trying to find ways to cut the grocery bill. Yet the fastest and easiest way to cut the bill is to stop eating so much.

In this country this is truly a strange idea for most people. Food is so plentiful and relatively cheap that we eat way too much of it. Portion sizes are outrageous, too, with restaurants


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4 Responses to Eat Less: Strange Ways to Save Money

  1. Really good advice here.

    When all of our kids were still at home I would routinely use half of the meat in a casserole. It really did stretch the groceries further!

  2. MonkeyMama says:

    Unfortunately, not so simple. My spouse and I lean to the underweight side. My kids? Good lord! SKINNY! Since they get it from both sides. That said, since having kids, a desk job, getting older, I am not quite so uber stick thin as I used to be. I Eat less than anyone in my family. Those high metabolisms need SO MUCH FOOD, and eating less is obviously not an option. I could probably stand to eat less, but I eat like a bird as is, so not a lot of cutting available there. For example, one dinner out would give me leftovers for 2 lunches, at least. That’s three meals in one American serving.

    That said, I understand what you mean. As a society, there is so much waste when it comes to food. & most people do eat far more than they really need to. I tell people all the time one of our secrets to low food bills is to not waste food. Which probably goes pretty hand in hand with don’t waste food by eating more than you really need.

  3. Teresa says:

    With the rates of obesity in this country where they are I think this is a great idea!

  4. pen says:

    lol… I already count every calorie i eat or drink… but since I have started this two years ago, my food bill did drop.

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