Don’t Let The Media Color Your Financial Picture

If you turn on the TV or read a newspaper, you’re likely to be confronted with two opposite messages. Either everything is great, the economy is strong, and finances are looking better, or things are terrible, everyone is poor, and we’re heading for doom. It depends on the day and the reporter/station as to which message you’ll get. It’s bad enough that these conflicting messages are around us all the time. We never know what to believe. It gets worse when we let the media tell us how we should feel about our own finances.

I know several people whose fortunes seem to rise and fall with the media’s predictions. If the news is good, these people are upbeat and opti


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One Response to Don’t Let The Media Color Your Financial Picture

  1. Bob Harrell says:

    Who gives the media the right to tell us how we think these days. There are so many of them, using the same “talking points”, trying to scare us into believing what ever slanted point of view they want you to believe. It’s a wonder anyone beleives anything that they are saying anymore.

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