Renting Textbooks

If you’re a student, you know that textbooks are expensive. Some are so expensive you think they must have gold plating somewhere within the pages. For years the only way to save on textbooks was to buy used books, either from your school’s store or from a third party seller. Now, though, you can rent textbooks. Many services have sprung up on the Internet that allow you to rent books by the semester, quarter, or even for the whole year. You pay the rental fee upfront and the rental service sends you the book, along with (in most cases) a postage paid envelope for its return. When the class is over, you mail the books back to the rental agency and you’re done with it.



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2 Responses to Renting Textbooks

  1. pen says:

    my university bookstore does this… it’s the same price as buying used, and if you buy used, no need to worry about your roommate spilling coffee on it.

  2. jon says:

    Good idea… the price of textbooks was always killer as a hidden fee going into each semester…

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