The Secret to Financial Success: Be an Independent Thinker

Over the years I’ve discovered that the single greatest thing you can do to help your finances is to be an independent thinker. You need to make your own choices and live according to what you know is right for you, not what society thinks is right for you. Society (your friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, neighbors, and marketers) likes to tell you that you are a failure if you don’t do this or that, or you’re a loser if you don’t own this or that. You’re told you can’t succeed unless you do or have certain things. It can be hard to stand in the face of that pressure and spend only according to what you know you can afford, but if you want to be fi


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3 Responses to The Secret to Financial Success: Be an Independent Thinker

  1. Eric Lowery says:

    This is definitely the required mindset to financial independence. Otherwise you will spend what you make. And it doesn’t matter how much. You can make $500,000 a year and not have an emergency fund. Sure you might be able to adjust and keep going, but you’re one bad day away from financial doom. What happens if you become disabled in a nasty car wreck, or otherwise incapcitated. You just lost your $500k job, but you still have $500k bills? What then?

    Regardless of your income, you must fight consumerist temptation to truly get ahead and build wealth.

  2. Patrick says:

    You would think that people would have at last realised that you’re rich if you have a lot not if you spend a lot!

    What is the use of a good education if one is so emotionally insecure that you require trappings of wealth to affirm yourself?

    Hopefully at some time the values of society will eventually evolve.

  3. Tiri Johnson says:

    Basically what is being said that you don

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