Good Oral Health Will Save You Money

If you’ve been to the dentist lately, you know it isn’t cheap. Making matters worse, many employers don’t offer dental insurance to help defray the cost. Those that do rarely offer comprehensive policies. Dental policies are more likely to cover only a small portion of a treatment leaving you to pay the difference. Many peoples’ answer to this expense is to put off going to the dentist until something is really wrong. This is a bad idea. Problems with your teeth and gums are not only expensive, they can cause other health problems, as well. We now know that bacteria in the mouth can travel and cause inflammation in other parts of the body, resulting in other illnesses


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3 Responses to Good Oral Health Will Save You Money

  1. Charlie F says:

    Getting dental work done is extremely important. I wish I was able to find a different way other than extraction for my last tooth (#30), but it had an exposed nerve from a filling that came off (my tooth was shattered when I was 10).
    What’s really great though is that if you have an FSA, you can use that to save up for your future dental work. I’m using my FSA to save for an implant so I can replace the tooth I miss so much!

  2. scfr says:

    Good post.
    Other ways to save:
    – Ask if your dentist will give you a “cash discount” if you pay by cash or check without dental insurance.
    – Use your HSA if you have one.

  3. krantcents says:

    i am lucky enough to have dental insurance! y plan encourages use for cleanings and x-rays. If done regularly you really do avoid additional expenses.

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