Befriend Your Neighbors To Save Money

Great neighbors are worth their weight in gold. While all of us are likely to be stuck with a jerk for a neighbor at some time during our lives, the number of decent neighbors will probably far outweigh the jerks. If you find yourself fortunate enough to have good neighbors, you can save a lot of money over the years. Here are some ways that great neighbors can help your finances. (Just be sure you reciprocate when your neighbors help you out. No one likes the neighbor who takes and takes but never gives any assistance in return. Don’t be that guy.)

Free labor: You can call on great neighbors when you need help moving furniture, bringing home a large item, taking down a tree, shoveling


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4 Responses to Befriend Your Neighbors To Save Money

  1. sandra says:

    Well, this really an very interesting article, its so true neighbours are really helpful and we can take help from them about anything that we need, well it should be mutual understanding betwwen you and your neighbour and we can stay as big family.
    Like your tips

  2. ralph says:

    Thanks for your post exploring the ways your neighbors can help you save money. I think the petsitting possibility alone could save someone a good portion of money. Great post!

  3. Blue Spyder says:

    I love my neighbours to death, but I’m not pet sitting. I’ll give you my kidneys in a heartbeat, but unless its fish, I can’t deal with pets.

  4. Mike says:

    Not introducing myself to the neighbors backfired on my years ago when I felt awkward asking for their help moving a refrigerator since I didnt even know their name. I got the refrigerator up 6 steps to the front door before I slipped and dropped it. Ever since then I have been very neighborly to anyone who moves in…….

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