Why American Vacations Are So Extravagant

I came across the results of an interesting survey on vacations. The survey asked respondents in the U.S. and Eu ropean countries how much they wouldspend per person on vacation in 2010. The categories ranged from “Nothing and staying at home” all the way up to “More than $2,472” per person.

In the lowest spending categories, the Europeans led the way. However, as the per person number ratcheted up, the U.S. moved on top. In other words, people in the U.S. spend more per person on vacation than do Europeans. At the highest spending level (“More than $2,472 per person”), eighteen percent of Americans said they would pay it while only six percent of European


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2 Responses to Why American Vacations Are So Extravagant

  1. Justlev says:

    I think you’ve missed an important dynamic of Europeans vacationing v. Americans vacationing. European countries are much closer than American vacation destinations. For example, I vacationed in the Canary Islands in 2005. It cost me $3000 just to fly to their (Midwest to Spain to Canaries). My British counterparts only spent a few hundred. When you have nearby options, travel costs are much less. Notwtihstanding the additional costs, it was worth every penny.

  2. PrincessPerky says:

    If the lack of time is an issue, why are so many around me taking not just yearly trips to beaches, but bi annual trips to disney world and any other fancy pants cruise or spa?

    I think Americans are under a lot of false assumptions about time management.

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