Stop Buying Storage Containers: Strange Ways to Save Money

People spend a lot of money on various sorts of storage containers. Walk through any Wal-Mart or Target and you are confronted with an array of storage containers for everything from food to clothes. There are big containers and small ones in materials ranging from plastic to wicker. They are nice, but the price of storage can quickly add up. If you’re creative or a little crafty, though, you can satisfy many of your storage needs with many free options.

Sandwich meat tubs: Several brands of sandwich meat are now sold in plastic tubs. These are great storage containers and they’re just like some of the ones sold in stores. You can use them for leftovers or small items. Deli conta


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5 Responses to Stop Buying Storage Containers: Strange Ways to Save Money

  1. PrincessPerky says:

    I have been begging everyone I know for printer paper cases.

    they are all relatively uniform in size and just about perfect fit for the top of the kids closets. One or two boxes hold each size of hand me downs, easy to find the stuff, and looks half decent.
    I find a mishmash of different sized boxes looks bad no matter how organized the insides might be.

    When I do use different sized boxes, I like to get contact paper to cover them all in a coordinating color. costs about as much as one or two boxes to cover a whole shelf.

  2. TD says:

    I get plenty of use out of Rubbermaid, Pyrex, and Corningware containers I own.
    Issue I find sometimes is that companies not longer make the containers I like when I’m in search of replacement. Rubbermaid used to make some awesome 2.2cup containers, back in 2005-2006.

  3. Joan says:

    Our apartment had little storage space. Our extra bedding was placed in a banana box covered with “contact paper” (plastic). After we’d been in our roomier house a couple years, I was ready to throw away the banana box, but a neighbor asked for it. When she died her relatives inherited the house. Last summer I was in their house and was amused to see that banana box is still around, still being used for storage of soft goods. That cardboard box is 19 years old and still on the job.

  4. Wayward says:

    Great ideas! Regarding the holiday themed storage containers, if you don’t want to use Halloween (or other holiday-themed items) year round, try painting the container. I’ve done this a couple of times using leftover paint from our walls and now I don’t cringe in January every time I look at my 4th or July bargain baskets!

  5. Diana says:

    I have used cereal boxes to store magazines. Just cut them up like the ones you buy. You can cover them if you want to match your decor.

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