It’s Not Rocket Science

I have a friend who has been out of work for eight months, now. You’d think she’d be stressed out, worried about money, and ready for a meltdown, especially with two kids. But she’s not. She’s using her time off to travel a bit (under a strict budget), tackle some home improvements she’d been putting off (doing the work herself), spend some time with aging family members, and just relax. Her husband is still employed so they have some money coming in (and benefits), just not as much as before. She’s looking for work, but she isn’t pounding the pavement every day and having to take a job she doesn’t like just to make ends meet. (And, no, she isn


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2 Responses to It’s Not Rocket Science

  1. Chris ... says:

    I’ve been out of work for a bit over a year and like your friend my wife and I have been able to mostly live off of a single income (plus unemployment). I was the higher income partner thankfully with some adjustments and handyman skills we’ve managed to keep up with the bills. I know that my wife feels more pressure on her to keep her job but she is happy to see that we are able to survive on mainly her income. I have been looking for work and trying to keep ahead but it is challenging in times like these.

    I do look back and see some mistakes with how I could have been better with my/our money years ago. But overall, I’m delighted to have had the oppertunity to spend so much extra time with my kids this summer and now just my son who’s not yet in school.

    I had hoped that I wasn’t somehow strangely unique in our situation and delighted to hear that someone else is also surviving a similar hardship.

    Thank you kindly … and I’m back to searching the job sites

  2. krantcents says:

    Amazing what you can do when you have to! I presume your friend will be frugal when and if she becomes employed again.. Not a bad lesson to learn from for the rest of us.

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