Get Sponsored: Strange Ways to Make Money

A new trend has cropped up over the last few years that may present an opportunity for you to make some money to help pay for some of life’s biggest expenses. Many people are now having their events and big expenses sponsored by advertisers. Weddings, college educations, cars, and even housing can be sponsored these days. Sponsorship means that product providers place their wares, logos, or ads at your event or on your vehicle/body in exchange for money or free products for you. For example, a sponsored wedding may have invitations with the stationers’ logo and information on them, or flowers with cards indicating the florist at each table. You would then receive the flowers or in


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3 Responses to Get Sponsored: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. Kathy says:

    This is a really “tacky” idea — cheap, cheap, cheap. I cannot imagine having someone’s logo on my wedding invitation or posted on my backside. Have a wedding within budget and get a scholarship for your education.

  2. Jay says:

    I dont agree with Kathy. I would gladly get a tattoo to pay for my college education, or where a shirt with a sponsor on it to bike across country to gain some road money. Wedding is a bit overboard, those are picture memories and wouldnt go for that. I would put a decal on my car and drive 50 miles per day if it paid for my monthly gas budget. I would put a subway decal on my car or my body if it meant free food for life.

  3. Michael cozad says:

    I would get a tattoo for money. What logos are there?

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