The Easiest Ways to Save on Food

I’m frequently asked about the best ways to save on food. There are many ways, including coupons, shopping the sales, buying store brands, and buying in bulk. But if you want to know the easiest way to save on food, here it is: Stop wasting it. According to, Americans waste more than forty percent of the food that is produced for human consumption. That’s a staggering number that translates directly to your bank account.

You’ve probably noticed that you waste a lot of food, too. Stuff goes bad before you can eat it. Stuff that was once a favorite falls out of favor and ends up in the trash. Leftovers are simply left and end up in the trash. We take food for g


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2 Responses to The Easiest Ways to Save on Food

  1. Aleta says:

    Your article was on target. Too often I have had a left over food in the refrig and forgotten about it. I do try to eat left overs for lunch.

    In my pantry, I use a sharpie pen and on the front of the can write the expiration date. I keep the oldest to the front and try to check it periodically. I have two areas that I have food. The kitchen pantry holds frequently used food and the ones nearing expiration.

    I buy alot of food in advance because of hurricanes and after November can donate what will expire.

    I also ask for doggie bags. I usually cut the steak on a slant and it makes a great sandwich.

  2. Ryan says:

    Great post. I have to brag on my wife for a minute, but she is great home economist. We makes a ton of our food from starch, uses coupons, and looks for the best deals. We do a lot of buying things in bulk (when they are on sale) and freezing items. My wife is famous for her finding chicken at the lowest price and buying a ton of it at a time.

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