Pick Up What People Drop: Strange Ways to Make Money

An easy way to make a little extra money is to simply watch where you walk and pick up the things that people drop. You’d be surprised at how much money people drop, either by accident, because they can’t be bothered with it, or because they simply don’t know what they have. Here are some things to look for as you walk about town.

Cash: This one’s easy and obvious. People drop plenty of change. Some good places to look include parking lots, malls, drive-thru’s, and around cash registers. You’ll find everything from pennies to dollars. I’ve been lucky enough to find $20 bills twice.

Coupons: As people leave the grocery store, many simply drop the coup


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6 Responses to Pick Up What People Drop: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. ND says:

    Nice Article.

    I started picking all sort of coin and paper bill since 2009, so far I collected $90. Regarding paper bill, one time I found $20, three times $5, two times $1.

    Same goes with coke cap. Using coke rewards, I collected One T-Shirt, $20 coupon, Two DVD and still counting.

    One time I found the abandon book, which I sold to Amazon.com for $3.

  2. Bridgette says:

    Recycling :) Good savings on bottles, cans, glass and especially scrap metal. Sides of highways and roads (i live in the desert and it’s common) People litter

  3. Oh Dear says:


  4. Ryan says:

    You don’t even know the amount of money I’ve found in the theatres.

    I work there, cleaning stuff they left behind from watching the movie.

    I may have picked up their trash, but I’ve also picked up 40 dollars once. And you can’t believe the amount of quarters you’d find.

  5. BRB says:

    If you ever take a cruise, hang out in the casino when the ship hits rough seas. There is usually a “gravity” quarter game where you drop your quarter through the gauntlet where it bounces downward and lands on a narrow ledge. If the sweeper arm hits it right, gravity will drop a bunch of quarters into the bin. During rough seas……got it?

  6. Joe Doakes says:

    Betting slips remain the property of the track even when they have been dropped or apparently discarded on the floors. Security is quick to stop anyone from picking up the slips.

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