Scared Broke

Your toilet is full of germs! Your tooth enamel is eroding!

Your soap dispenser can give you a disease!

Criminals are waiting to break into your home the second you turn your back!

You could have a disease and not even know it!

The germs on your countertop could wipe out your whole family!

These are all advertising claims (paraphrased) that I saw in one brief television watching session. All of these claims are designed to terrify me into spending money on their products. I’m supposed to be so terrified that my tooth enamel is coming off that I’ll run to Target and drop an extra five dollars on premium toothpaste. I’m supposed to be so worried that I might pick up a germ fr


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3 Responses to Scared Broke

  1. thriftygal says:

    Amen. We have been living in a fear driven society for the last 9 years and advertisers have jumped on that bandwagon. Car commercials are the worst. It’s a miracle human society has managed to survive without all these safety innovations.

  2. Sonja says:

    It isn’t just advertisers using the fear tactic US politicians do it too. If we don’t bail out the banks we’re all doomed. If we don’t bail out Fanny and Freddie our housing market will collapse. If we don’t bail out AIG the insurance market will collapse. If we don’t bail out the auto companies the last sliver of manufacturing in the US will disappear. Grow a thick skin folks, fear tactics apparently work and thus they aren’t going away.

  3. Dee says:

    Try reading the “active ingredients” list on toothpaste.
    Except for toothpaste for sensitive teeth, you will see only one ingredient: flouride. Check that same list on every variety of toothpaste, from plain cavity fighting to whitening, enamel strengthening, gum disease, and combinations of all of the above. Same active ingredient: flouride. Ingredients in the “inactive ingredients” will be different, but hey, they’re “inactive” (fillers, thickeners, flavoring, etc.) Oh, and the labeling on the box is different too.
    Different results from the same active ingredient? I think not.
    Just brush and floss daily with the cheap stuff. You’ll be fine.

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