Toilet Paper King: Beyond Over Or Under


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9 Responses to Toilet Paper King: Beyond Over Or Under

  1. Christine says:

    Did you really have to tell us about you going to the bathroom? Why do you have to be so disgusting with everyone of your posts when it doesn’t lend anything to ways to actually save money. Do you ever actually have a point, or do you like to listen to yourself?

    And how can you make fun of people that save on toilet paper when you are the ultimate cheapskate when it comes to using it? Reusable toilet paper is the most disgusting thing I think I have ever heard of, so it doesn’t surprise me that you use it.

  2. Dawn says:

    This was funny Beer Guy! First you are the ultimate cheapskate since you are not handing out free beers, but your neighbor is and you put the little arrogant guy in his place. Well done!

  3. Kacy says:

    Reusable toilet paper is no more disgusting than cloth diapers. I personally use the disposable kind, but I have reached for rags and towels when nothing else was available.

  4. Bben says:

    If you have a cat you have probably already learned not to install the roll so it rolls toward the front – or your cat hasn’t discovered the joys of unrolling an entire roll, then pulling it out into the rest of the house to play with. (yet)

    By installing so the paper goes to the back, the cat will just spin the roll without unrolling it.

  5. shaabenanizer says:

    Bben, I’m almost envious. Many times I’ve heard of cat + toilet paper = fun/not fun. After 15 years of two cats and couple of foster mama cats and their kittens, the toilet papers remained undiscovered.

  6. Isabelle says:

    Always guaranteed a good laugh and pearls of wisdom from the BeerGuy! I hesitate to mention – in the circs – someone being ‘anal’ about frugal stuff, but the situation demands it.

    There are people who use small towels after pipi – mainly women through trick of nature. I bought cheap, cheap nasty stuff when my houseful of young women (3) took the better stuff into their rooms for cosmetic use! That certainly worked.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. CindyM says:

    Thanks for the laugh today, Beer Guy. I sometimes think these forums need a touch of humor; many of the folks writing and responding can be so smarmy. You know what I mean.

  8. typ0w says:

    i found this blog post when googeling about toilet paper.Hilarious read, I’ll check out some of your other stuff. And some of the other comments seem to have missed the point, hahaha.

  9. Chris says:

    This was a LOL post! I thought you were going to talk about which way is the correct way to put the toilet paper on. I always put it so it goes under and think that those that put it over have got it all wrong. When we have this discussion, they tell me that over is how the military does it and it drives them crazy when it does under!!!! This just goes to show you how passionate people are about toilet paper. It is something that has to be faced daily!

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