You Really Can’t Screw This Up

Here’s the great thing about frugality and saving money. It’s almost foolproof. When you make a commitment to getting your finances on track, living more simply, and putting money away for the future you really can’t fail at it, as long as you keep trying. Some people tell me, “Oh, I tried frugality but I wasn’t any good at it,” or, “I wasn’t as good at managing my money as you are, so I gave it up.” I say this is hogwash. There’s no way to be so bad at being frugal that it’s worth giving up and spending money wildly for the rest of your life.

Any money you save is a victory. So you “only” saved $10 by using at the


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2 Responses to You Really Can’t Screw This Up

  1. Jaime says:

    Too true. For some reason, we can start to think there shouldn’t be a learning curve with some things. We think that money management skills are naturally occurring phenomena, so if we don’t get it 100% at first we think we’ve failed. It’s a skill, just like any other that takes practice and will probably include some mistakes.

    It’s not all or nothing, it’s a learning curve.

  2. Bridget says:

    Love it! An excellent post! I’m frugal in everyday things, but I love to save up for then splurge on big purchases. Sometimes I know I look a little ridiculous saying no to a single coffee because it’s a no spend day, then spending $300 at the mall that weekend,but I’ve just realized I can’t have it all, all at once!

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