Become a Kid Again: Strange Ways to Make Money

There are a lot of jobs that we did as kids that we tend to think we’ve outgrown. If we don’t think we’ve outgrown them, we think that they are now beneath us. However, these kid jobs can be the beginnings of a new full time job. Sure, you’ll be competing against the neighborhood kids for these jobs, but you have advantages that they don’t. You can drive, which means you can get to neighborhoods that are farther away. This means you can find neighborhoods that don’t have a lot of kids to give you much competition. You’re also able to stay out later or work earlier. You don’t have homework or after school activities, either, so you have more tim


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2 Responses to Become a Kid Again: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. Lisa Firits says:

    Nice and funny tips how to make some money. I love it even though I can’t imagine to do pet sitting for someone except my friends. I rather save money through bartering on sites like

  2. Jolly Ollie says:

    Yesterday I noticed someone on Craigslist that is driving relatives of prison inmates to four different state prisons and charging a hefty fee! Now that’s ingenious!

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