Think About Keeping Your Landline Phone

One of the more popular pieces of advice to save money these days is to get rid of your landline phone and rely only on your cell phone. This may work for some people, however it is not something that you should take as gospel without considering your own unique situation first. You may regret your decision if you don’t think it through.

First of all, cell phones are not always cheaper than land lines. Many financial gurus insist that they are, but not always. If you get sucked into an unlimited cell phone plan with data service, you could be paying upwards of $100 per month, whereas a basic landline service might just cost you $20 or so. The question you have to ask yourself is what d


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10 Responses to Think About Keeping Your Landline Phone

  1. Ryan Duff says:

    While landline, may in times be cheaper, I think you’re stretching this article a bit.

    For instance, if a user is likely to get duped into unlimited minutes and data for $100/month, what makes you think they’d pick a basic $20/month landline plan without getting duped into long distance, caller id, call waiting, etc and get that bill right back up to $100?

    Most people need mobility so a landline only is not generally an option. If you already need a cell phone, chances are you can do without a landline at home.

    There are cases for it though… 911, poor cell service at your house, fax/business purposes, and security systems.

    As far as the DSL issue, ATT, Qwest, and Verizon offer “naked” DSL. They may or may not tell you about this, and if they provide your phone service, it’s worth asking for since it doesn’t require phone service. See:

  2. T says:

    I use Skype at home.

    Here’s what I did last year.
    Wireless Phone (IPEVO) – $100
    12 Month Skype Out (2.95 month) – $35.40
    12 Month Skype Out ($60 – $30 12 month discount) – $30

  3. Monkey Mama says:

    Basic Landlines where we live cost $10/month. (I’ve had 2 different services, whereas friends 20 miles away had VERY expensive basic landline service). So, it depends where you live. If someone told me cell phones were cheaper, I’d think they were crazy. But I suppose it is true for some.

    I actually just had a friend drop their cell phones and their land line for magic jack. It’s like $20 per year. I think you’d be hard pressed to find a cell phone for $20 per year.

    All that said, I prefer both the cell phone and land line for our own needs. Cell = emergency/family/long distance (couldn’t imagine not having a cell in case of emergency – remember the days before it yes, and it sucked). Land line = everything else. I don’t like to use my cell phone for everything – I don’t like to be that reachable.

  4. Gail says:

    We stick with our landline that runs us about $29 a month. I have no need for a cell phone.

  5. Wanda says:

    I wish we did have $20.00 landline service in my area. It’s more like $50.00 by the time they add all the federal and local taxes, wire charges, etc.

  6. Jo says:

    We had hoped to end up moving where we’d not need a landline. Unfortunately, there is no cell signal where I live; hoping in the car each time to go look for a signal isn’t practical either. And no one could reach us either.

    The landline is also bundled with internet and cable, which initially started out costing very little. However, that expired and now it’s time to look for another deal. The landline stays, though…..

  7. CindyM says:

    My landline runs about $20 a month. My elcheapo Tracfone runs me $20 every three months. I seldom use the Tracfone but it’s handy and I’d never spend more on a cell phone. I’ve frankly never understood the constant use of cellphones to chat with friends but then I’m old school.

  8. Erika says:

    We have a cell phone for emergencies which cost around $25 plus $100 phone card to add minutes which are good for a year. Every year we pay $10 or $20 to extend the expiration of the minutes for another year. At home, we have high speed internet which my husband needs if he is going to be doing any work from home. We bough Ooma two years ago and haven’t had a monthly phone bill since. You just buy the Ooma device for around $200 and you get pretty much unlimited local and long distance calling forever, (as long as they stay in business). There is a limit to the minutes but it’s so high that we’ve never even come close. It’s basically to prevent someone from abusing it.

  9. Tina says:

    I disagree with this article where it says an unlimited cell phone plan can cost $100/ month. When my contract ended, instead of renewing, I went with NET10’s unlimited plan. It’s $50 a month for unlimited talk, text, web, email, and 411. They have a wide array of phones to choose from. Best of all, there are no “hidden fees”. It’s clear cut, stress free, and has helped me save this year.

  10. James says:

    Wireless phones are okay but I’m not giving up my land line phone in the house. I think it is a necessity to have a home based number even with the popularity of cell phones.

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