Work While You Travel: Strange Ways to Save Money

If you’ve ever wanted to travel extensively but aren’t sure how you could afford to be on the road for months at a time, work share arrangements might be the answer you’re looking for. When you work share, you receive either free or discounted lodgings or meals in exchange for your labor. The work you may be asked to perform can include landscaping, maintenance tasks, cleaning, receptionist work, or helping arrange/host special events or parties. If you have special skills such as photography, accounting, or design skills, you may be asked to help with the books, or design a new brochure for a bed and breakfast.

If work share arrangements don’t appeal to you, you can a


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  1. What a great bunch of ideas for people on a budget…or not! When you have some vested interest in where you’re staying, you take better care of the places also. And just think about who you get to meet and what you get to learn…

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