Free Can Mean A Lot Of Things

Free can mean a lot of things. There are the free things that people leave outside their homes with signs that read “Free — Take Me Home.” I see a lot of those things in my subdivision, especially when people want to get rid of basketball hoops, but do not want to disassemble the pole, stand and backboard.

Then there are the things that your friends and family might offer you before they donate them to charity or throw them away. When people give you their junk, it serves two purposes. First, they get to eliminate junk from their home. Second, they know where they can find it if they ever need it again.

You can find free things by the side of the road, on CraigsList or ou


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3 Responses to Free Can Mean A Lot Of Things

  1. Gail says:

    After reading Jeff’s eating on $1 a day series, I started paying much more attention to the CVS ads (which can be viewed on line if you don’t get the paper). I have found some great deals, gotten money back, and have bought all my cereal there for months. Since we also have to fill a lot of prescriptions, it isn’t out of our way to go there either.

  2. Kokko says:

    Here is one to add to Jeffrey’s thinking ~ Even better, when filling a prescription at CVS use the free pharmacy coupon that will get you a free $25.00 dollar gift card with a new or transfer prescription and than use the gift card for the $4.00 body wash, now that is really free as you were going to get and need that prescription anyway. Pharmacy coupons can be found in the various stores weekly flyers and CVS takes all stores prescription coupons! I LOVE CVS!

  3. Bindu says:

    Whenever I get an item on discount at Costco, I have noticed that the tax is done on actual cost: not on the discounted one.
    Living in Ontario, it is not fun to pay 13% HST on items….

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