Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities

It seems that everyone these days wants to work at home. Every message board I frequent has almost daily posts asking, “How can I work from home?” The problem is that many work at home opportunities are scams. There are many legitimate options out there, but you have to sort through the garbage to find the gems. Your best chances of finding legitimate work at home jobs are in the media and customer service/call center sectors. Both of these fields lend themselves well to working from home. But even if you’re not looking for that type of work, there are opportunities, you’ll just have to search a little harder.

When you go looking for work at home opportunities you have


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4 Responses to Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities

  1. Freshly Sqeezed :>) says:

    I work at home doing medical billing. Here is the problem- it is supposedly a part time job; pays part time salary, no benefits, etc. However, my workload is so heavy that I am putting in full time hours for that part time pay! Most of the companies that hire medical billers to work at home are like this. They are basically looking for excellent, responsible, dedicated employees to take advantage of. It’s okay for now, it’s contributing to my family’s income. I’m just doing this temporarily until I build my consulting clientele up to a comfortable level then I am going to terminate this position. The work load is just too heavy… especially for what the salary they offer! Bottom line: it’s very unfair.

  2. Alan says:

    It is likely true that most “work at home” listings are scams, but many “work at home via your own business” are not. I own a home based business that allows the work at home lifestyle many are looking for themselves. Work for yourself, not for someone else. Live your dream, not someone else’s.

  3. Gail says:

    Yes, the best work at home business is your own business that you started and bootstrapped your way up. something that interests you and uses your abilities. But many find it hard to do the work that is involved with starting and maintaining their own business.

  4. Frugal wahm says:

    There are some legit jobs out there. I have been working at home for almost 10 years. Primarily doing work at home call center work. There are a number of company that do that.

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