It Never Hurts to Double Check

Recently my all-in-one printer/scanner/copier experienced a malfunction. During the initialization process, the print head moves around a bit, dancing a noisy little jig, and then the light on the scanner head illuminates, and the head moves out a few inches from its “home.” After a moment or two, the scanner head does its own jig and then goes back out of sight. This is where the problem occurred.

Instead of retreating into its original position under the glass and plastic housing just off to the right of the lid, the scanner head kept trying to creep further into its hole. Unable to find its den, it would bang into the housing and make a terrible grinding noise. Just when t


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One Response to It Never Hurts to Double Check

  1. Gail says:

    Well you have given me some ideas since my printer (laser) is printing like an ink jet about to run out of ink it is so light. Since I know that isn’t how laser’s work (at least the last one we had didn’t) I think I will try to problem solve this.

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