Frugal Living Can Suck

Sitting here at my computer, late on a Saturday night, I am thinking about one thing — frozen treats, whether ice cream or gelato or frozen yogurt. About fifteen hours ago, I told my wife that if we did nothing else today, we needed to go out for a frozen treat. If I had to survive on one thing, it would be ice cream. Specifically, it would be mocha chip ice cream but I am not really that picky. If it is cold and sweet, I’m game.

I never got my ice cream. I did take my wife and one of my son’s for ice cream, but I felt too guilty to join them in the indulgence. It was not the cost of the ice cream it was the calories and the fat. I knew I did not need them so, as diffi


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10 Responses to Frugal Living Can Suck

  1. Annie Jones says:

    I suppose saving money is easier for me, since I don’t think I’ve ever watched my caloric intake. When I was young, I didn’t really need to. Perhaps I should now that I’m a little older and wider, but I don’t.

  2. KimD says:

    Amen! I have been in a Frugal Frump the past few weeks (as well as a waistline-jump), really not enjoying the effort. Saving money on things we don’t need to get “free” money from a store really lost its fun and my storage room lost the space!

  3. LLwill says:

    Saving money is definitely more easy for me. Icecream just happens to be one of my favorite things. But, when I save money on my icecream it’s a win-win.

  4. kate says:

    One thing that I often do when I get the urge to splurge, is go online and start shopping. I get all of the “fun” of choosing things and adding them to my basket, but then I don’t follow through to the checkout. It works for me.

  5. ThriftoRama says:

    I think in both frugality and weight loss, the tipping point is the same. At some point, you realize you just can’t stay on the path you are on because it’s hurting you. In frugality, you have to want to save more than you want stuff, and in dieting, you come to a point where being healthier and losing weight means more to you than the food. They are very similar.

  6. Tony says:

    When I started pushing 40, I noticed my gut was pushing out too, and I then made the decision I was not going to let myself become one of those pot bellied, middle aged men! Anyway, when I cut those stops for snacks, desserts and cut down on drinking, I noticed my wallet was going a lot longer between refills. I found it to be a nice feeling that gave me more motivation to cut down on eating.

    The moral of the story is: Approach it with the right frame of mind and it does not have to suck!

  7. Nancy says:

    I have to rethink the way I do things to stay on a frugal path.
    For instance, I would have found a coupon and purchased sherbet, or a lower calorie ice cream product, and would have taken it home as a treat for the whole family, including me!

  8. Chris says:

    I think that saving money is easier then saving on calories. Neither is fun…I used to watch my weight but over the past couple of years I decided I was going to eat whatever I wanted and have ice cream every night after dinner. Well…I put on 30 pounds and now am trying to take it off by at least not eating the ice cream. I have developed a sweet tooth and it is not easy!!

  9. Wenchypoo says:

    Dude–be thankful you can EAT ice cream! I can’t–I’m allergic to dairy. You think you got troubles? Try multiple food allergies sometime!

  10. fmp says:

    You know another way you save money but enjoy your ice cream, is actually making it. I recently started baking my own bread 😀

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