Stop Being Picky

I have a friend who is incredibly picky, to the detriment of her finances. She demands certain brands of every food and personal product she buys. Even if another brand is cheaper, she won’t buy it. She demands specific features in her cars. On vacation, her hotel room must have certain views and specific amenities. She will only go to restaurants that serve certain foods prepared in very specific ways. She’ll only dress her kids in specific brands. The list of things she is picky about goes on and on.

She also complains about her finances constantly. There’s never enough money for all her needs, she claims. She can’t get ahead. There’s nothing to save. She and


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2 Responses to Stop Being Picky

  1. LLwill says:

    If one is that picky then I would hope that their finanaces are in great order. Brand specificity and the “keeping up with the Jones” mentality does not lend itself to financial freedom.

  2. crazyliblady says:

    It sounds like to me that your friend has “keeping up with the Joneses disorder.” She is picky about the appearance of things to the detriment of her finances. But, except for organic food, it is not for the benefit of her health or comfort. I think I would ask her why she feels the need to keep up with what other people are doing. Those others she is trying to keep up with may very well be in debt up to their eyeballs. She doesn’t need to join them.

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