Marry for Money: Strange Ways To Make Money

If you want to save or have a lot of money, you may have to choose your mate carefully. While love is fine and even great, there are plenty of people who enter into marriage in the full knowledge of exactly how it will help (or hurt) them financially. While it may sound cold, it’s no colder than the person who marries because their partner looks good on their arm, or the person who marries because their partner can lift their social status.

I don’t think I, personally, could marry only for money. I need love in my life to keep me happy. But some people do just fine with someone they like or can be friends with, even if they don’t love them. Others don’t even need frie


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5 Responses to Marry for Money: Strange Ways To Make Money

  1. Leigh says:

    The one piece of advice my father offered me was that I could “marry more money in 5 minutes than I could make in a lifetime.” Crass, but true.

    I didn’t follow his advice (and I’m divorced now and don’t plan to marry again for love or money), but I appreciate what he was trying to convey.

    Though I personally would not marry for money, I’m aware that other people do and therefore was careful to legally safeguard my own nest egg. It turned out to be the wise choice.

  2. This is, surprisingly, a really good article. Well said! Now for the corollary… how to avoid those “real housewives” if you are one of those 4 types of men…

  3. snshijuptr says:

    Okay, let’s be honest. This series is not Strange Ways to Make Money, but instead Unethical Ways to Make Money. Let’s see some better topics.

  4. William Cheah says:

    Millionaire and Billionaire are not stupid, he will force you to sign the Nuptial Agreement at his Terms and Conditions, thus leaving you only a pittance if you failed to conform. And should you refused there are 1,000s waiting to do so.

  5. KIt64 says:

    “Marry someone who is already good with money”. This is in no way unethical. It is a smart thing to do. Why marry someone who is lousy with money? They will undo any progress you make in building wealth.

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