Ways To Manage Your Household

Managing a household is a full time job and it requires a lot of skill, patience and vision to do it well. Those of you who manage your households know what I am talking about. Unless you are organized and focused, waste is almost inevitable. Keeping the house well stocked with necessaries, dealing with vendors and managing resources, often while shuttling children around, working a full or part time job and trying to find some “me” time, can create a very stressful day for the person who takes charge of domestic organization. With a bit of planning, however, household managers can save money and enjoy the efficiency of a well run home. If you are managing your household, consi


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  1. Ann says:

    When I’m allowed the option in terms of time, I always get at least three estimates for major repairs/replacements. I’ve actually found in the past that a good serviceman (one who knows what he’s doing) will tend to give me additional information… “things” I wasn’t aware of that could be factors.

    Admittedly, sometimes I don’t have the option of time. Recently, I had an ash tree very suddenly start splitting and the split was advancing rapidly in low winds with higher winds predicted within 24 hours. There was a distinct possibility that, if the tree fell, it would hit my livingroom! To make matters worse, this all happened late in the afternoon on a Sunday in the middle of a holiday weekend!!! I knew that the guy I normally called for tree trimming had his calls always go to voicemail, so I opened the phone book and called someone else… who picked up his phone and actually came out with a bucket truck that evening to top off the tree. Watching this guy work was similar to watching a ballet as each branch fell in a perfect circle around the tree without touching one other shrub or flowerbed. Cleanup of the limbs and the rest of the trunk was done during the following week in normal hours. With this sort of response, this guy is on my list for as long as I own this house with its huge trees (which I love).

    I know that I’m going to have to replace my furnace and air conditioner, probably within the next year. Particularly after some recent unanticipated expenses, I intend to keep an eye out for when the heating and cooling companies are offering a deal… then get three estimates (at least) and have the work done.

    I have severe knee problems, which have forced me to become very efficient in organizing various household tasks. For instance, I want to replace the curtain rods and curtains in my livingroom and paint before I do it. I’ve already decided that I don’t want to pay someone else for the task, so I’ve laid out a workplan for exactly what I will do each day. The project will probably take me 10 times as long as a painter, but I won’t overstress my knees and I know that the job will be done right! :-) With my time being flexible, I’m able to prioritize savings over the time it will take. I’ve actually had a friend offer to help me, but she tends to be “slap-dash”, so I’m opting there for done right over less time.

    Finding out options and long-term ramifications of those options should just be a normal part of decision making for households.

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