Patience is a Virtue

One of the best ways to save money is also the hardest. You have to cultivate patience. In today’s world that moves so fast and where everything is about having and doing things right now, patience is hard to find and even harder to apply. Every day new things are coming out that we want. There are new games, new books, new movies, new cars, new clothes, and new gadgets. Each one is (supposedly) better, flashier, trendier, cooler, and more useful than the previous models. It’s tempting to run to the store every week or every day to buy all the new things. It gets worse as we head into the fall and the manufacturers start releasing all their new stuff for the holidays. But if you


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2 Responses to Patience is a Virtue

  1. snshijuptr says:

    We keep getting incredulous looks from friends and family when we tell them no, we have not seen the latest blockbuster. Our home system works just fine for even the most “visually stunning” movies.

    When Starcraft II came out, my BIL called DH to see what he thought. DH explained that he was waiting to buy it. BIL called the next day to see if he had it yet! That was his idea of waiting! The price didn’t drop and our friends have already moved onto another game. DH decided he just won’t buy Starcraft.

  2. Chris says:

    I have always been able to wait until movies come out on DVD to watch as opposed to seeing them at the theater. But then I have a nice home theater so it makes sense.

    However, when I was making good money and a new piece of electronic gear would come out, I would have to have it. I would run to the store and buy it right away. When the first high definition player came out, I had to get it! I paid over $800 for it a few years back and could now pick up a similar machine for about $150.

    It pays to wait if you can stand it…

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