Parting From Your Stuff

We all love our stuff. We like our clothes, our knick knacks, and our DVD’s. We like our photographs, saved letters, mementos of our childhood (or our children’s childhoods), and the stuff we inherit from others. As much as we like stuff, there are many problems with stuff, ranging from the money it costs to acquire and store the stuff, to cleaning the stuff. But a big problem with stuff comes when we are older: Parting from our stuff.

If you just drop dead one day, you can avoid the painful process of parting with your stuff. (Then your heirs get the job of dealing with your beloved stuff.) However, if you live to be a ripe old age, at some point you have to begin the process o


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4 Responses to Parting From Your Stuff

  1. noname says:

    Don’t save boxes and boxes of stuff to pass along to your children when they are adults with their own households. They don’t want your stuff. You took joy in acquiring all that stuff, now let them have their own joy. You cannot impose joy.

  2. Diane says:

    So true! We’re going through this with my mom, since she cannot live alone. She still has a house full of stuff, with no one living there – a very expensive storage unit! We’re trying to help her sort & dispose of things but she’s very unhappy about it.

    After a year, she’s got everything she can use & has room for at my brother’s house. We’re looking a renting a storage unit for all the things she insists on keeping, so we can sell the house & she’ll have some money available. Even packing up things to keep is stressful.

    We’ve urged her to downsize for years, while she was still healthy enough to do it, but she refused. Now she’s not able to do it on her own. It’s really very sad…

    Every time we leave a session at her house, my sister & I go home & start purging our houses. I’m determined not to end up dealing with a ton of stuff when I’m too old to handle it – and I won’t leave it for my sons to handle.

    The only things I’m keeping for my sons are things they want. If they change their minds when its time to take the stuff it will just GO.

  3. Terry says:

    “Every time we leave a session at her house, my sister & I go home & start purging our houses.”

    I’m with you there. My mother is a packrat and has a house full of knickknacks, rummage sale “finds”, and things she thinks will be valuable someday. I have told her that if she dies before downsizing, I am going to have an estate sale for all her stuff.

  4. Aleta says:

    I watched the program Hoarding the other night and realized how easy it is to start bringing items into the house. If you watch the show, you can see why and how you start hoarding items. It really opened my eyes up to why we hoard.

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