Businesses That Should Not Be Thriving

I have recently read a number of articles about the businesses which are being hit the hardest by the current downturn in US and well as the global economy. This got me thinking about the businesses that should be affected, even though apparently some of them aren’t.

Giant Gas Guzzling SUVs: Not only are they excessively expensive up front, but then there is the cost of the copious amounts a petroleum based fuel that they regularly consume. With all of the advancements in the world today, one of the car companies should be able to make a vehicle that seats eight, has room for a few suitcases, and still gets decent fuel economy. That manufacturer should clearly turn a huge profit pro


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6 Responses to Businesses That Should Not Be Thriving

  1. terrymac says:

    Last time I was unemployed, I joined a gym. I had lots of time, and it was convenient, and it fit within my budget. This time around, I’m being a lot more careful with my finances – I squeeze my nickels so hard the buffalos holler, or something like that – and I walk or bicycle instead. It is tough when it gets hot, but there’s mallwalking is always an option.

    As for those expensive hotels, you’d be amazed at how steep the discounts are nowadays on priceline.

  2. Diane says:

    The businesses that baffle me are the nail salons in every strip mall you see. They don’t appear to be packed with customers, but they do stay open and more appear all the time! I can see paying for a gym before I’d pay to get my nails done – I can easily do that myself.

    There are also many tanning salons still going and teenage girls seem to always have funds for tanning & nails. Since the girls I know don’t have jobs, I guess that means mom & dad are footing the bill!

  3. nanamom says:

    We always stay at Motel six. Sometimes it is under 50 a night and almost always under 60. The people are nice and all I really want a hotel room for is sleeping and a shower anyway. I have to say that there are a lot of businesses I consider absurd. I have seen stores that just sell ball caps. Or (sorry to my DH) designer coffee shops. Nail places and tanning places would be on my list too.

  4. Lilly says:

    I understand what you are saying about gyms, but I think they are important stress reducers, especially in such stressful economic times. Sure, you can ride your bike or go for a walk, but there is something extremely satisfying about going to a cardio kickboxing class, getting pushed to the limit and getting an amazing workout. I work out harder and better in a gym than I do anywhere else. I don’t think families should be paying for expensive, resort type gyms, but gyms like Planet Fitness are $10 a month or something.

    Also, as for business that “should” be hit hard – that’s rather unfair. People that own gyms and nail salons have families to feed too.

  5. Eric says:

    Just wanted to point out that manufacturers DO make vehicles that seat eight, have room for a few suitcases, and get decent fuel economy. They’re called minivans.

  6. Anette says:

    I pay for the gym because there are no good bike trails in my area and my knees start to hurt as soon as I run regularly on pavement. I figure in the long run, it’s cheaper than a knee replacement.

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