The Effect Of Choice On Our Financial Resources

You cannot recover the money that you spend, but you can always earn more. Money will come to you from hard work, good fortune and simple luck. You will spend all of it or some of it and often you will be able to control how you much of your money you give back to the economy. That is a good thing and it can give us a sense of control over our lives.
We cannot control, however, the time that we have to earn and to spend and to do all of the other things that we do in our daily lives. That means that we really need to focus on budgeting our time as much, if not more, than we budget our financial resources. We need time for what we enjoy and time for what we have to do for our jobs and our...

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One Response to The Effect Of Choice On Our Financial Resources

  1. Ann says:

    Good point! When I was in corporate, it ruled my life time-wise. Now that I’m doing what I love, distractions can occasionally bit a bit much. But the lesson I learned is that, if you don’t make time for some of the things you love, life just isn’t much fun and all that money is nice and handy and can be used to take care of things you don’t enjoy doing, but… :-)

    I’m finding that I prioritize my time and my money. At this time, sculpting/carving is high on the priority list as far as time and money (incoming) are concerned. But I make sure I have time for friends and to go to events that interest me. Spending is similarly prioritized. If I have a friend who wants me go on a trip with them but I’m looking at a piece of equipment that I really want for the shop, the equipment will win every time! LOL

    I’ve also found that I’ve cut WAY back on time wasted on the computer. I actually only allow myself a couple of hours, generally, and that’s taken out of time I would have spent watching tv or something similar. To tell the truth, my tv stopped working for anything but watching movies a couple months back and I ran an experiment (i.e. didn’t buy a new one right away) and found that I don’t even miss it!

    Time, once gone, can’t be replaced. True friends, once gone, can’t be replaced. Some events/experiences you only get one chance to be part of. Life is all about priorities.

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