Fire Prevention Saves Money

A fire is not only emotionally devastating and life threatening, it can be financially devastating, as well. Even with great insurance you may find yourself having to pay out of pocket for things you didn’t have covered or for unexpected expenses. If you don’t have insurance, or not enough enough insurance, you could be out hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, in the worst case, if a fire you cause injures someone else or damages their property you could be liable for millions of dollars. The best way to prevent these losses is with simple fire prevention. Most actions that prevent a fire are either free or very low cost. Here are some ideas for avoiding a fire.

Keep fire extin


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  1. Scott Pringle says:

    Great article. I hope that people will read it and more importantly, take action to improve the level of fire safety in their homes. Don’t for get the basic essentials of fire safety which also include installing and maintaining smoke alarms, as well as planning and practicing fire escape drills.

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