Win Competitions and Sweepstakes: Ways to Make Money

Contests and sweepstakes can be fun to enter and the prizes can be great. You can win everything from a few bucks in cash all the way up to new cars or houses. Contests are easily found. You can find them on product packaging, advertised on TV or in magazines, and through associations to which you belong. They’re also all over the Internet. Some people are quite successful and win many of the contests that they enter. Do they have some super-secret method for winning? No, but they do enter a lot of contests (increasing their odds of winning something, somewhere) and they do use some of the tricks listed below to increase their odds.

Find competitions that require you to do something: M


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2 Responses to Win Competitions and Sweepstakes: Ways to Make Money

  1. Tony says:

    Jennifer, you are dead on about signing up for sweepstakes that allow more than one entry. The last winner we chose entered 161 times out of 180 days. You’d be surprised how many smaller sweepstakes only get 100-300 entries a day. Entering those daily gets your odds down from 1 in 54,000 to 1 in 300. That’s just playing the game. Good luck and happy sweeping.

  2. My Comment says:

    Too many scams these days to make this a worthwhile effort!

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