Shopping When You Need It Now

When we talk about bargain hunting and getting the best price on items that you need, it’s usually with the assumption that you have time to shop, compare models and prices, and wait for sales. Most of the time that’s the case. But there are times when you need something right now and you can’t wait. Think about what happens when the refrigerator conks out and the food is spoiling. Or the washer is broken and the laundry is approaching the ceiling. Or your computer goes kaput and you have a big presentation to finish. You need a replacement and you need it now. How do you avoid spending more than you have to in these circumstances?

First, investigate the repair option. Many


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2 Responses to Shopping When You Need It Now

  1. amanjot says:

    hey jennifer, great article
    nice in-depth about something serious i feel.

  2. My Comment says:

    This is all pretty much just common sense and things that most of us know already (or at least should know!).
    I guess it was meant for very young people, starting out on their own, first timers away from momsey and dadikins.
    I would think that the majority of people reading this article -if they did indeed read the entire article!- will feel that this information is rather obvious and stale.

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