What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About Money

August is here! That means that for the next few weeks, after I have taken care of all of my domestic duties and professional responsibilities, I will have one thing, and one thing only, on which to focus my attention. I will not be cleaning up oil in the Gulf of Mexico. I won’t be volunteering my time for any purpose. I will not be exercising as much as I should and I won’t be paying attention to the first two weeks of algebra homework that my son brings home. I will be preparing for my Fantasy Football Draft.

I suspect that at the mere mention of Fantasy Football, I have lost most of readers. For those of you who are still reading, but who may not understand Fantasy Football,


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5 Responses to What Fantasy Football Can Teach You About Money

  1. Tony says:

    That is too funny David! I had played fantasy football for years up to this past year. I would get so excited not just for the fact that the horrendous summer is at it’s end, but my love for football and sitting in my recliner all Sunday afternoon with my wife by my side was all any man could want. Since I have spent most of my time lately with Facebook games, I have not even attempted to do the Fantansy Football or Basketball games which also took up a lot of my free time. I do miss it, but now would rather watch them and relax. However, I agree with your point on researching the information on products you are interested in buying. Doesn’t take much time and with the internet, becomes a must nowadays to save money. I enjoyed your article, thanks for writing!

  2. RonW says:

    Now how can I argue about the wisdom and wit in this article given the paragraph about buyers and sellers! There are certainly lessons to be learn about finances and business within Fantasy Football. My one take-away is the best of plans of mice and men often go awry. That fantasy team that looks so awesome in September, well who knows what will be the case in January.

    Lesson: Minimize your downside risk and learn to adjust accordingly because life WILL happen…

  3. jIM says:

    well said

    most of my drafts are winding down

    Play in a salary cap/bid/auction league and make another post LOL

  4. Ernie says:

    Thanks for the article. Been playing fantasy for about 10 years and investing for a little less than that. Probably put an equal amount of time into both and there are definitely similarities. Ability to negotiate. Using your instincts. Knowing which sources of information are good vs. mediocre so get an edge, etc. Just don’t forget to have fun! :-)

  5. Bryan says:

    You forgot to mention where you do your research? What sites are the most helpful? What research are you able to do for free? What do you pay for and where?

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