Make Your House Save Money While You’re on Vacation

Many people don’t realize that going on vacation can be a money saving exercise. If you’re careful, you can save enough money to offset some of the cost of your vacation. How does this work? While you’re not at home, your house is still spending money unless you make it stop. Here are some tips to make your house save money while you’re away.

Turn off and unplug everything that’s not critical

Unless it’s keeping things alive like a fish tank or keeping food from spoiling like a refrigerator, it can be turned off. Things like TV’s, cable boxes, and other electronics draw power as long as they’re plugged in, even if they aren’t on. Unplug t


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  1. G. says:

    Is it possible to contact utility companies and ask them to suspend service during your vacation if it will be a long one? Will they do it?

    I found your article must helpful. Thanks.

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