Sell Stock Images: Strange Ways to Make Money

If you’ve ever read a blog, magazine, or website, you’ve probably seen a stock image. These are photographs that someone has taken and sold on a royalty-free basis to the writer, publisher or designer. The photographer owns the rights to the image, so the buyer is not allowed to resell it. However, the buyer can use it on a website or in another publication subject to the licensing agreement set forth by the photographer. Using stock photography is cheaper than hiring a photographer and it’s much more convenient if you need an image of a far away place or uncommon object. This is what makes it attractive to many publishers and online content creators.

The really great news


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2 Responses to Sell Stock Images: Strange Ways to Make Money

  1. Poojan says:

    great article and great advice for anyone who wants passive income in these trying times.

  2. GerryV says:

    Easier said then done. Making money online is almost impossible for regular poeple.

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