Over-Saving: Walking the Line Between Saving and Living

We just bought some new living room furniture. Our old furniture was just that: Old. While it was still serviceable, it was no longer that comfortable. Yes, we could still sit on the couch, but the couch had lost a lot of its support and comfort. It was also no longer a great match for our decor which has changed since we bought the furniture all those years ago. The time had come for us to part ways with our old faithful furniture.

When we last bought furniture, we were newly married with little money. Consequently, we bought cheap furniture. While it has held up better than expected, it was made from cheaper materials and less than solid workmanship. It was good for what it was, but this t


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7 Responses to Over-Saving: Walking the Line Between Saving and Living

  1. Rachel McTague says:

    It’s good advice when you counsel people to find a balance between saving for a better life later, on the one hand, and living a full life now. Sounds like you err on the side of the former, cheating yourself out of some quality of life.

  2. Leigh says:

    What I have decided is that I will allow myself certain areas to spend in based on what’s important to me. While I don’t need to dress like a supermodel, it is important to me to have a speedy computer. I don’t have to eat steak every night, but my iPhone is a must have.
    Folks run into problems when they don’t prioritize, accepting that they’ll have a little less in some areas to meet savings goals.
    I accept my thrifty self while still indulging in the areas that I consider the tipping point between dollar wise and just downright self-denial for its own sake.

  3. rob62521 says:

    I often feel guilty about buying new things that we can afford. Thanks for the article!

  4. Smarter says:

    Of all products, furniture is the one with the highest markup profit.
    NEVER, never buy new furniture!!
    You could have bought well made furniture at a HUGE savings by watching for moving sales, show room & model home sales, Craigslist, etc.
    I always smile when visitors comment on how lovely my furniture is and they always sigh saying, “I wish that I could afford expensive, beautifully well made furniture, too!”
    If they only knew how much I really paid, they would be very shocked!

  5. Jennifer, I agree, and I think it’s hard to feel motivated in your job if you don’t reward yourself with a few things along the way even as you’re saving for larger and more distant goals. We can’t put everything enjoyable off until the future–we don’t even know if we’ll get there. It’s all about balance.

    Also, like you, I am stunned by how much nice, new furniture costs. I’m not convinced that it’s worth it, so you’ll have to let us know in a year how your new furniture is holding up!

  6. KaChing says:

    We save so that our future will be better than the present time. In general, that idea makes good sense. But there are some purchases better enjoyed now than in our later years. Sacrificing today for a better future is ideal, but we should also take caution so as not to cheat ourselves from the present moment.

  7. NJDebbie says:

    I love this post! We’ve been sleeping in our mattress set for over two years now and last week I told my husband that it was time to buy a bed. I felt embarrassed to be sleeping on the floor when we could easily afford to purchase a bed. Today, my husband we’ll pick up our bed and I’m so excited!

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