Saving Money on Vacation Souvenirs for Kids

If you travel with kids, you’re likely to have a bout of the “gimmies” at some point during your vacation. Your kids are likely to want everything they see and you’ll be trying to stick to your budget. How can you manage the “gimmies” while still allowing your kids to have some shopping fun?

Buy before you leave home: One of the best ways to minimize the “gimmies” is to play “Secret Santa” (or substitute your child’s favorite character). Purchase several souvenirs before you leave home and then surprise your kids with something each day. You can either really surprise them by putting the items in the room along with a card fro


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4 Responses to Saving Money on Vacation Souvenirs for Kids

  1. Disgusted says:

    Give your kid a present everyday?!?!
    Are you nuts?!?!?
    No kids deserve a present everyday period much less in the middle of a recession!!
    This is the worst article ever.

  2. busymom3 says:

    I have to disagree with Disgusted…Why not give your kids a present everyday, it doesnt have to be a souvenir. I have noticed my kids love it when I take just one of them with me when I need to do some shopping whether its the grocery store or just errands, presents don’t need to cost anything just spending quality one on one time with each child makes them smile just as much as a getting a gift.
    The recession has been hard on my family too but I have still managed to give my kids, 3 girls (15,11,5) a special gift at least once a week. Most of them have been free or from the dollar store. My middle daughter loves it when our time together involves McDonalds and we share a sundae and she gets to sit at one of the computer game tables and we play some games while eating our sundae and just visiting for a while. My oldest loves to be able to go window shopping, I pay close attention every time and make mental notes of what she wants and share this info with family members for birthday or Christmas gifts and the last several years this has come in handy for all my girls and they are suprised when they open up their gift and its what they were looking at weeks or months ago or its a gift card to that store so they can get what they want or need.
    While preparing for our vacation we have let our girls pick out several items that they get to eat or use while on vacation, and they have all come from the dollar store. My youngest wanted a new coloring book and they all wanted their own snack that they didn’t have to share with everyone else. We picked out ‘movie’ box candies from Walmart.
    I think this article was very helpful.

  3. shaun says:

    Well if you can afford to go shopping then you just have to choose the most valuable souvenir for your vacation. I think it is just a matter of the proper way of making the kids understand the true worth of being together on a trip, after all, it is still the joy and experience that is the best souvenir of a vacation. The trip itself is the greatest reward they can avail.

  4. Mary says:

    When we go to Disney, I time the trips so they are close to the start of the school year so I can buy each of them a T-Shirt. I know they are overpriced but at least they will get some use out of it (unlike the toys, that they forget about in a week). Once when we were leaving Disney to go home (by car)and the kids were soaking wet I bought a beach towel.It was $30. dollars, but I still use it 5 years later and it brings back a lot of memories.

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