Things I Am Unwilling To Give Up

I write a lot about things that I can eliminate in order to save money, but I am actually to the point where I really have nothing else that I particularly want to eliminate from my life or my household. There are some things that are just too important to my daily pleasure and, although I might be happy to save money in purchasing them, I am not going to go without them. I suspect we all have a good sense of what is important to each of us, and we are going to do whatever we need to do to make sure we continue to have those things. For each of us, the lists will be different, but the only list that is really important is the list that is going to make you happy – your list. Here is mine:

Tomatoes on the Vine

I love good tomatoes and I include tomato in just about every meal, whether that means sliced tomatoes drizzled with a little balsamic vinegar and olive oil and sprinkled with freshly cracked black pepper or some other preparation entirely. Tomatoes on the Vine are a bit more expensive than other tomatoes but if they look good, I will by them without hesitation.


I drink a lot of tea. I believe I actually save money buying my tea in bulk, but even if I did not, I would still purchase it. Tea is a fundamental part of my day and a constant pleasure and well worth the cost of ensuring a quality cup every time.

High Speed Internet Access

I could easily give up cable television or my DVD player. I could even give up my TV. High speed Internet access, however, has become an absolutely essential part of my daily life. Moreover, I will pay more for even faster speeds.

My Hair Stylist

OK, I know I will take grief for this from some of you, especially those of you who recall my rant against manicurists, but after years of going to random barber shops, I discovered my wife’s salon. Now I pay twice as much to have my hair cut at the salon, as compared to what I would pay at a hair cuttery in a strip mall, but my stylist does wonders with my hair every time I go to her. I love the scalp massage and shampoo that I get, too! I recognize that going to the salon is a bit excessive, but I love the experience and I like the way I look when I emerge.

My Bottle of Soda after Grocery Shopping

This is a very little thing but I actually felt guilty about a month ago when I bought a bottle of soda as I was going through the checkout line at my grocery store. Now, I buy a soda to drink as I drive home from my thrice-weekly trips to the grocery store. Part of my sense of guilt comes from my knowledge that I really should not drink diet soda as it has no nutritional value and a lot of chemicals in it, but I really enjoy it. After all, if I am going to have a vice, let it be diet soda after running errands.

That is actually my list, in its entirety. Tell us about your list? What are you unwilling to give up?

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20 Responses to Things I Am Unwilling To Give Up

  1. DebbieQ says:

    1. My good coffee beans.
    2. High speed internet
    3. my cameras, one of which goes everywhere with me
    4. My laptop

  2. 1. Being home with my kids.

    While I have other wasted money, I would drop any or all of it before giving up the time with my kids. some wastes:

    1. Hot water (I use lots for all sorts of things frugal folk suggest cold would do fine-but I am sticking with hot)
    2. Internet -I rationalize it helps with money though.

    hmm there must be more

  3. Annie Jones says:

    I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones that most readily come to mind:

    1 – a hot, deep bath in the evening
    2 – tea
    3 – my New Balance tennis shoes

  4. Ashley says:

    1. I second the running shoes comment
    2. Also the hot water comment
    3. My ipod and music collection – I don’t go overboard and have become rather discerning in the songs I buy now, but I do buy them regularly
    4. That pretentious, double-wrapped bread
    5. If in a high critter area (like DC), pest control.

  5. rob62521 says:

    1. fresh fruits and vegetables, even out of season…good health is important
    2. coffee I brew at home
    3. high speed Internet and laptop
    4. tea
    5. extra virgin olive oil

  6. Sagegirl says:

    1. Minor league baseball games (one a month at least during the season)
    2. High speed Internet
    3. Sushi

  7. NJDebbie says:

    1. internet service
    2. eggs
    3. soda
    4. my quiet breakfast time on the weekends
    5. laptop

  8. asmom says:

    1. Good shoes. I’ve been nursing for 20 years and my feet are paying the price.

    2. High-speed internet.

    3. Air conditioning. (I live in the deep South).

  9. Ann says:

    1. Over-the-counter pain meds, multivitamin and glucosamine/chondroitin
    2. High speed internet (like you, Dave, tv can go… as a matter of fact, it has! The digital converter box died, so no tv. I just haven’t gotten around to replacing it. lol)
    3. Good whole grain/high fiber bread
    4. Health insurance (currently costs me $7500/yr, but… I’d have to be in REALLY dire straits to give it up)
    5. Having choices

  10. Monkey Mama says:

    1. a car
    2. cell phone
    3. high speed internet
    4. gardener

    Probably more, but just commonly brought up in want/need discussion. Cell phone in particular is always lumped into “luxury.” As a woman, I would not feel near as safe without a cell phone on my person at all times (also, with kids – I can always be reached in emergency). But, it doesn’t have to be an expensive cell plan or anything like that – just an emergency phone. I remember life before cell phones, and can’t imagine going back to that.

    OF course, I could probably live without everything mentioned here and all the comments – I have – and I would if I had to. But as long as I am working and have enough income, these things are a must!

  11. Chester8111 says:

    1. Satellite Television
    2. Internet Hosted Web sites
    3. Cell phones Family plan
    4. Organic grown foods
    5. Automobile purchase every 5 years.
    If I work at it I could think of probaly 20 more.

  12. ea1776 says:

    1. generally anything that has to do with health, travel, education, or investment.
    2. occasionally eating out.
    3. going to the movies.
    4. driving 3 hours once a month 2 ways to spend time with family.

  13. Larabelle says:

    1.) Cell phone with text message package: I really could do without this but it is so much fun to send my family annoying messages 🙂
    2.) Coffee: I do make it at home but I use the expensive coffee grounds
    3.) A daily “fill the tub up to the top” with hot water bath
    4.) A car…we have public transportation which I could, but choose not to use
    5.) Extra virgin olive oil, Yucan potatoes,
    6.) Air conditioning
    7.) Hair color: A woman has to have a little vanity
    8.) Peanut M+M’s: I buy the big bags and freeze it…I live by the motto: “Give me the chocolate and no one gets hurt!!”
    9.) CD’s of music from the 70’s and 80’s…yep I still love disco
    10.) Every two weeks KFC chicken: Yep, I love their Wednesday Chicken Fried Steak special for $1.99

  14. Nagel says:

    Access to fresh, filtered drinking water.

  15. cicy33 says:

    1. Internet
    2. Cable
    3. New Balance tennis shoes (agree strongly with good shoes)
    4. Cell phone, agree again with safety and ease of access with family
    5. chocolate (though I should give this up, I swear enough of it and that skinny chick inside me WILL shut up!)
    prob more but those are definite won’t give up

  16. A Fan says:

    1. AC (I’m in Phoenix, AZ.)
    2. Internet
    3. Tea
    4. Books

  17. Valentino Buoro says:

    3.Learning new entrepreneurial tips

  18. Monica says:

    Besides internet:
    1. Organic Milk – I drink enough milk that the chemicals in regular milk concern me
    2. Tide detergent – I feel like clothes come out cleaner even while using a lesser quantity, plus I love the scent. I do buy in bulk to keep costs down
    3. Good shoes – I refuse to buy cheap, inexpensive and poorly made shoes that could ruin my feet. I typically stick to a couple of brands, and buy shoes less often
    4. Good bra – I got lower back pain and general discomfort from buying cheap bras, especially because of my size and weight. Now I only buy one brand, and replace them when they conk out on me
    5. Quality nail polish – I have nearly eliminated the need for nail salons, a former bi-weekly expense, by doing my own manicures. But I will not give up my favorite polish brands because I am convinced my nails stay manicured longer with them. I only buy OPI and Essie on sale at beauty supply stores, and rarely buy them because they last forever.

    That’s my list, for the most part!

  19. Gail says:

    1. My top of the line sewing machine
    2. Chocolate–Hershery Nuggets with Almonds, & Dove milk chocolate ice cream bars
    3. Air conditioning in the summer (mostly because of health problems)
    4. My stair climber that allows me to go up and down the stairs and thus live in my 2 storey house
    5. At this point my computer and high speed internet

    Probably other things but these ones are biggies to me.

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