How Weather Affects Shopping

The mercury has reached about 96 degrees each of the past two days. With the beginning of July on us, we move deeper into hurricane season and that will have a very clear effect on my household buying patterns for the next few months. Peak hurricane season is July and August, but the season, which began on June 1, will not end until November 30.

During hurricane season, I always have ten cases of water on hand (enough for my household for ten days) and I will make sure that I have flash lights, duct tape, candles and batteries, too. There are plenty of articles appearing now about the hurricane preparedness, assuming you live in an area prone to hurricanes, so I won’t add to the str


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3 Responses to How Weather Affects Shopping

  1. Ashley says:

    For the most part I agree with your advice on this. But the line about avoiding stocking up on freezer foods in case of a snow storm knocking out power? It’s called a cooler in the snow. I guarantee your frozen foodstuffs won’t melt. What you do have to worry about in that scenario, on the other hand, are your refrigerator items that shouldn’t freeze (like milk or eggs). In that case you also need alternatives for keeping your house warm (as several of my friends found out when DC’s Snowpocalypse left them without power for several days).

  2. Diane says:

    We also live in a hurricane zone (outside New Orleans), so we use the stocked up food in our freezer for the same reason. We do stock up on water, batteries, propane (for the grill) to some degree. However, if a major hurricane threatens we’ll be evacuating, so no need for weeks supply of food & water on hand.

  3. Gail says:

    If I see an all time low for soup in the summer, I’m happy to stock up then! We have a large pantry and I want it fully stocked by the beginning of Novemeber because we get heavy snowfalls and it is hard to get out and shop so I want that pany, freezer and cupboards to be full. If you are always watching for deals you can do this much cheaper by buying at times in the ‘off’ season.

    How the weather affects my shopping is frankly, I don’t want to leave the air conditioned house to go out in the heat and go shopping nor do I want to cook. I guess I get lazy. When it is hot, even with AC, no one seems to really want to eat, so I don’t cook big meals.

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