Degrees Of Loyalty

What’s in a name? Sometimes a lot. And sometimes not a lot. It all depends on what name is at issue and what associations you have with that name. If someone calls you by your name, you will recognize it. If someone calls you by a friendly nickname or pet name, you will similarly recognize it. If someone mocks your name, you will take umbrage. Your name is clearly important to you.

What about my name? Before you respond (and you know that you were just about to answer that question aloud to your computer), do you even know my name? Don’t scroll back to the top of this column. I thought as much. Some of you know my name and others don’t. For most of you my name won̵


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5 Responses to Degrees Of Loyalty

  1. Annie Jones says:

    I am generally not brand loyal. However, my family and I are loyal to some products, not because of their name, but because of their quality or performance.

    A few examples:

    My husband and I both wear only New Balance tennis shoes, for the way they make our back NOT hurt compared to other brands.

    We buy generic medications when we can, but I buy the brand name of my thyroid medication because I get much more consistent results from it.

    My husband insists on Aldi store brand of tortilla chips. He likes their flavor and texture better than the well-known brands.

    Just like with people, it seems that what’s inside a product counts for a lot more than what’s outside.

  2. Louis Russo says:

    Interesting question. Generally, I am not brand loyal, except in two cases. I only wear adidas sneakers because they fit bitter and are more comfortable than other brands I have worn. I am also partial to Tommy Hilfiger long sleeved shirts. They wear well and fit well. However, in both cases I will not pay full price. I know of several outlets and discount stores where I can get them at 60-80% off.

    I also do not purchase generic cereals because they don’t taste as well. Again, however, we only purchase them on sale with coupons.

    Other than that, I don’t much pay attention to brands.

  3. PrincessPerky says:

    I am very brand loyal for products that make a difference…not all peanut butter tastes the same.

    I am also a bit lazy, I like to know walking into a store that I will find fruit and veggies I like and a clean place. So even though food is cheaper at a couple other local stores, we shop the ones that are consistently clean and have fresh fruit/veggies – with decent prices.

    I am also rather brand loyal with books…meaning if I like an author I am more willing to read their work. I tend to not have a lot of time, so while I love to read, I no longer explore as much. Though since I am nearly exclusive a library borrower, it doesn’t hurt the bottom line :).

    And I do get picky when reading posts on SA, or blog notes. Limited time, I like to find writers that I tend to enjoy, or that make me think, and those I read, no offense to any others, just have to make choices with the time I have.

  4. A Fan says:

    What I don’t get is the people that go around with Nike, Adidas, Coke, Budweiser, etc. displayed on their clothing.
    I would NEVER buy and display a brand; in fact, I think that THEY (the manufacturers) should PAY ME for advertising their product!!

  5. Gail says:

    I don’t buy brand name clothes either nor would I wear anything displaying a brand name unless I got it for free, but then I make most of my clothes.

    I do buy some food items by brand as I think they taste better and when eating taste is important. Sometimes the brand that I’m buying is the store brand.

    For some reason I have always ended up with a Chrysler vehicle, whether it was because that was the dealer in our town or what. After almost 30 years driving them I’m not sure I could navigate the front panel of some other brand of car!

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