Why You Should Read Store Advertisements

As I sit at my desk typing this column, it is Sunday afternoon. My newspaper, now read and enjoyed over several cups of tea and a few cups of coffee, lies scattered at my feet. When I have the energy to rise from my office chair, I will be visiting my garage to deposit today’s news in my recycling bins. The weekly advertizing inserts, however, will remain in my office for the rest of the coming week.

Even if I do not anticipate any shopping trips, I will take the time to read all of the ads — not just for the stores that I like, but for every store that includes an insert in the paper. I do this every week because even if I am not headed to the store, I know that the informatio


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6 Responses to Why You Should Read Store Advertisements

  1. Ann says:

    I have a friend who likes to travel “lonely planet” style (inexpensively to those not familiar with it) who recently came back from a trip and, in talking, realized that she hadn’t researched certain things before she left.

    For instance, she likes to buy gifts for family and friends and thought she’d go the jewelry route this time. The first thing she noticed was that it seemed like she was seeing the same jewelry outside mayan ruins that she saw when she visited China. Next she noticed that she had no idea whether the prices were inexpensive or in line with those in the US. To top everything, she kept seeing some red stone and didn’t know whether it was a precious or semi-precious stone that is known for being prevalent in the region. Result: She didn’t pick up anything! lol

    She and I talked about researching what an area is known for before she visits it and researching cost here in the US before she leaves. She’s also looking for unique and I get a lot of catalogs (despite having attempted to stop them and cutting back on the number received drastically!) so I give her catalogs of the unique so that she can be aware of what’s out there and frequently where it’s being imported from.

    On a side note, while in China she saw some beautiful carved peach (?) pits which were terribly expensive. At a local flea market, she saw a vendor with a whole necklace of them at 1/5 of what she would have had to pay had she been able to afford them during her trip. Obviously, the vendor hadn’t done his research! She snapped them up and was happy as a clam.

    Most of my purchases involve equipment or stuff for the house. I know that furniture generally goes on sale in January/February and wait to replace a chair until then. Right now, I’m planning on replacing my air conditioning and furnace. I remember that in the fall and spring I’ve seen deals and there’s no urgency, so I’m waiting. I know my equipment suppliers and when is best and who generally has the best prices.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    How a deal is structured can save a little money of alot of money as you proved in your article.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    “little money or alot of money” hit f instead of r

  4. rob62521 says:

    You are well informed…smart shopper and a planner!

  5. Gail says:

    Same reason to read grocery ads. The papers offered $5 off coupon on a razor this week and it was interesting to see the actual cost of the razor per store and that the best price overall was in a grocery store ad good next week, assuming I decide to buy it! But I’ve been learning alot about the newer ways of shopping with coupons through the eating on a dollar posts from Jeffrey and I have begun a bigger effort to be careful and watch prices before I buy and to be able to recognize a good sale when I do.

  6. Chris says:

    On major purchases I research like crazy to make sure that I am getting the right product at a fair price.

    On small purchases I have a good memory for what items cost and am a good judge as to what they should cost. So I buy items only when they are on sale. I do know how to pay full retail price for anything.

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