Making Sure You Get Good Value When Trying A New Restaurant

If you live in a small town, you probably know all of the good places to eat. Indeed, you might know all of the places to eat. The McDonald’s just off the highway. Maybe a locally owned restaurant or two. In small towns, there just are not a lot of options and that makes choosing a restaurant, or choosing to stay home, a lot easier.

In cities of almost any size, however, you have a lot more dining options from which to choose. Even if you eat out a lot (and I suspect most Saving Advice readers do not), you really cannot have firsthand knowledge of every restaurant. You know the restaurants that you have tried. You might know about the restaurants your friends have tried. That still is


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2 Responses to Making Sure You Get Good Value When Trying A New Restaurant

  1. robert says:

    One of the things my wife and I do to try new restaurants is participate in half off hookups. This is done through local radio stations on Fridays and they sell $50 gift certificates for $25. If we hear of a new restaurant participating we will sometimes buy one. Even if it is not great, the entire meal for 2 is $25 – not fast food but I do not feel as bad if we walk out knowing we will not be back.

  2. Ann says:

    You just reminded me that there’s a restaurant I want to try out some time. Living in a small town, there really isn’t a lot here, though sometimes what Robert mentioned does happen… just not often ’cause even our radio stations are 30 plus miles away!

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